Hemp Products:

Horizon is a supplier of hemp seeds and starter cloned plants.  We will provide consulting and agriculture professional services.

Industrial Hemp Seeds

  • Horizon is an Authorized Reseller of  high quality hemp seeds.

Clones and Starter Plants (Plugs)

  • A clone is a duplicate of it’s “mother”.  We vet and test our mother stock to provide the best compliant genetics for your grow season.
  • A starter plant or plug is a small sized seedling grown in an individual cell. It can be transplanted into a larger container or directly into the ground.
  • Our high quality Clones and starter plants are produced onsite.
  • Plugs can be sold individually or in 50 units.
  • Custom size starter plants are available.

Harvested Hemp

  • Horizon provides harvested hemp to valid hemp state license holders for the processing of the flower and upper leaves.  All provided by local growers.

Professional Services:

  • Greenhouse Design, Build and Maintenance.
  • Agriculture consulting for production efficiency and greenhouse management.

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