Virginia and North Carolina are emerging industrial hemp markets.  As the market expands nationwide and specifically in Virginia, Horizon is a resource to help new growers get started and to provide them with the support they need as their business grows.

There is an ongoing need for consistent quality control and reliability in the region.   Horizon partners with reputable industry experts, Research Institutions  and serves as an Authority and Reliable Partner for hemp products.  We are committed to making a difference and helping the industry move forward.

Horizon is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and consistency throughout our range of Hemp and Agricultural products.  Horizon is a trusted partner with unmatched agricultural knowledge and first class products.  We support growers with the starter plants and the seeds that they need.  Horizon is the regional leader in starter plants for growers who intend to harvest and process.  We can serve as the intermediary between the seed vendor and the farmer/grower and we can offer options to processors to grow and harvest raw materials.

Our expertise in the greenhouse agricultural business makes us uniquely qualified to provide consultation to both new and experienced growers.

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