Horizon Hemp and IALR have been partners from the beginning of 2018 and we continue to support each others efforts.  We both have a mutual interest to learn and grow this industry by doing all that we can to promote and help guide the farmers and processors along the way.

The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research serves as a regional catalyst for economic transformation. The mission will be accomplished through applied research, advanced learning, economic development, advanced manufacturing and conference services.

Member since 2018

Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition (VIHC) is a grassroots driven advocacy organization whose goal is to educate, inspire and rally Virginians to restore the free market for Industrial Hemp, a low-THC oilseed and fiber crop, a variety of Cannabis.

There is already clear support in our state for industrial hemp. In 1999 and 2001, the Virginia legislature passed supportive resolutions calling for a revised federal hemp policy. The VIHC believes that further legislative changes are necessary to create a safe and well regulated environment to once again allow Virginia farmers to responsibly grow, process, and compete in a burgeoning domestic U.S. industrial hemp market.

Website: http://vahemp.org/

Successful hemp grows begin with premium genetics. Tree of Life Seeds has stabilized genetics that lead to compliant industrial hemp grows that produce bountiful harvests, offering hemp farmers and medical growers alike a true connoisseur’s menu of CBD varieties.

The industrial hemp market is saturated with inconsistent and low content Cannabidiol (under 5% CBD) cultivars which makes whole-plant processing and extraction far less practical. Our genetics, harvested from our indoor and outdoor plot production, undergo extensive 3rd party laboratory testing and prove to be stabilized for high CBD expression.

We take pride in our selection method propagating and testing thousands of phenotypes each year to isolate sought-after traits and ensure best possible cannabinoid ratios in our genetics. All our stock is cultivated in a 100% living organic soil garden using essential oil foliar sprays in vegetative state as a pest/fungicide preventative.

Our cultivars are sought after and recognized worldwide. Cherry Wine is currently the most well-known High CBD cultivar in the United States. Legally growing outdoors since 2015, we have worked closely with each state-level Department of Agriculture. We have worked with dozens of farmers from coast-to-coast to grow successful and compliant hemp crops.

Website: https://treeoflifeseeds.com/

Asheville Hydroponics & Organics is Western North Carolina’s most extensive retailer for all of your Specialty Gardening and Greenhouse supplies. We offer the industries finest products along with expert advice to help our customers have the most successful experience in the garden.  If you are in North Carolina, stop in and say hello!

Rubisco Research and Consulting is the first data driven consulting company in the cannabis & hemp industry. They have a team of highly trained PhD scientists who are reshaping the industry. By researching how specific varieties react to specific environmental factors, Rubisco is setting the standards for growing and operational procedures. 

Website: https://www.rubiscoconsulting.com/